Hi there!

My name is Sawyer and I am currently a senior, dietetics student at a small college in Texas. My plans are to graduate from college with a bachelors in nutrition and dietetics with hopes to continue into my dietetic internship, begin my masters, then become a Registered Dietitian!  On The Wholesome Blog I want to show that health doesn’t mean eating only kale or running a million miles a week. It’s being able to eat the kale but also eat the pizza. Being able to go on a walk with your friend even though you planned on running. To eat to nourish your body but also eat for enjoyment and celebration.

My interest in nutrition sparked when I was in high school. As time progressed I began to see what real nutrition was, what it looked like, and how it made me feel. But, as I learned more, I began eating less and less, cutting out more and more food groups because they weren’t “healthy.” Looking back, it makes me sad to remember how much I let food control my life and my happiness.

However, with the help of a dietitian, I was able to finally break free of the food rules and restrictions I had set for myself, and now I truly believe that eating intuitively and enjoying all food is the way to go. I refuse to miss out on all the sweet things that life has to offer because I am stuck behind a list of foods that I can and cannot eat. Life is about so much more than calories and nutrition facts.


My journey with food & nutrition is the driving force behind The Wholesome Blog! I’m here to inspire others and myself to figure out our bodies’ needs and to love and accept whatever that may be.